More DIY Halloween Crafts and Decorations Cotton Swab Skeleton, Mummy Candle

Last week we showed you a DIY trick for some classy lace doilly pumpkin Halloween d?cor, and this week well show you something more fun that the kids can help with the cotton swab skeleton and mummy candle.
Q-tip Skeleton
This cotton swab?skeleton is a great craft for children to do this Halloween!
Not only is it an inexpensive way to keep your kids busy, its a cute seasonal decoration that can be displayed anywhere.


The items you will need you most likely already have:
  • 1 Sheet of cardstock
  • 21 Cotton swabs
  • Glue
  • Scissors – children will need some adult assistance as the cotton swabs are a little hard to cut)
  • White Paper
  • Black Marker to draw a skeleton head (I printed an image from the internet)
My 3 ? year old loved doing this with me. This was fun, educational, and served as a cute addition to our Halloween d?cor. A win-win all around!


Mummy Candle:
Im always looking for quick and inexpensive ways to decorate and reuse items. So one day while browsing on Pinterest, I saw these cute DIY Mummy craft ideas.
You can pretty much wrap anything up to make it look like a mummy… ?pillows, jars, candles, pumpkins.?Even your front door.
You can use a variety of items to make the bandages: sheets, old t-shirts, gauze and even toilet paper. I had a maple pumpkin candle at home and said to myself, Im doing this now, (you know, how lots of things get done when you’re a mom).


I was rummaging through a first aid kit I had at home and found some gauze!
Being lazy paid off for me this time because my lack of desire to run out to the store made me check that first aid kit, which lead to the discovery that most of its contents were expired. Which, alas, resulted in an eventual trip to the store. Funny how those things work.
This craft was super easy and perfect for kids. It took about five minutes, and its super cute. The best thing is you can remove the gauze and reuse the candle for something else.

Items Needed:

  • Gauze
  • Scissors
  • Googly Eyes
  • Glue


All you do is wrap the candle with gauze, (you can tie a little knot in the gauze in the back or use a dab of glue), then glue-on those googly eyes. And you’re done! Just make sure that all of the gauze is properly wrapped around the candle and you keep an eye on it for fire safety reasons when it’s lit.