A Guide to the Top Make Out Spots in Westchester County

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Our friends at MyYonkers.net came out with this awesome article on the top make out spots in Yonkers, and it got us reminiscing a little bit.?Turns out, we’re not the only one!

Westchester Magazine also put out an article on the top 10 places in Westchester to smooch with your sweetheart.

So here’s are the top spots that everyone came up with:

(*FYI: Some of the places on these lists may be private property. So before you and your honey try any of these out, make sure you aren’t trespassing!)

According to MyYonkers.net, Cross County Shopping Center used to have some quiet spots for a little hanky panky, but that’s no longer the case. Nowadays you’ll likely get more face time with a security guard than your beloved.

Check out their MyYonkers.net’s full list by?clicking below:

Here are Westchester Magazine‘s top five spots:

  1. Muscoot Farms
  2. Pell Hill at Ward Pound Ridge Reservation
  3. 42 at the top of the Ritz Carlton
  4. Renaissance Plaza Fountain
  5. Top of Playland Ferris Wheel

You can click here for their full list of “10 Most Romantic Places to Kiss.”

Here are Westchester Woman’s top five spots for making out:

1.) Pick a bar, any bar on the Mamaroneck Avenue strip in White Plains. You know you’ve done it at least once… don’t lie. There’s probably at least five people making out somewhere in this photo:

2.) The giant rock or the wall at Rockwood Hall State Park in Sleepy Hollow, because being in nature with your bae overlooking the Hudson River is magic.


3.) You can snuggle up on a giant rock at Davenport Park in New Rochelle?while enjoying views of the Long Island Sound or make your way over to the Shakespeare Garden. Either way… super romantic!

4.) JFK Marine Park?in Yonkers is definitely a place for lovers with its long parking lot and boat dock on the Hudson River. Even cats and birds put their differences aside here just so they can be together here.

5.) Once upon a time you could get in a serious make out sesh?in on W. Red Oak Lane in West Harrison, which is off of Westchester Avenue. There are a variety of parking lots for the office parks and the Renaissance Hotel that inhabit the area that?you can creep up in if you’re up for risking arrest for trespassing.


What are or were your favorite places to make out in Westchester? Don’t be shy!




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