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Westchester Grocery Stores Offer Digital Coupons, Ways for Millennials to Save

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When it comes to coupons, it’s in with the old AND new. The new coupon craze for millennials has just begun. But isn’t couponing only something your grandmother does, or those people on reality TV?

Not anymore. Have no shame in your coupon game! Saving money makes you a winner by default.

We’ve all been there. Standing wide-eyed in the grocery aisle gawking over the seemingly weekly price increase of anything worth eating, while anything loaded down with sugar and preservatives, maintains a buy one get one deal. Or even better, buy two get one FREE (but not all deals are bad. I’ll explain those later!).

The notion of saving money in our generation can sometimes feel obsolete. Rent increases, credit card debt, and student loans are something many in our generation struggle with. So how can you help yourself and reduce your debt while on your weekly shopping trip?

It’s simple. It’s called coupons.

That little piece of paper can be your start to financial freedom. Its become so easy that most stores offer, digital coupons, which load straight to your phone (yes, it’s that convenient). So now, with savings right at your fingertips, how can you deny that coupons shouldn’t become part of your weekly routine?

While you can find extensive savings by physically clipping coupons, grocery stores are making it so much easier to save!

Here are links to some of the Westchester grocery stories that offer digital coupons and apps:

Some of these grocers also offer additional savings, coupons and programs (like savings on gasoline) on their websites aside from digital coupons, so make sure you sign up for those too!

On average you can save $20-$40 a week-without spending hours clipping or searching for coupons. Your savings can almost double, if you take your coupon conquest a tad more serious, maybe an additional hour a week?

With just the bare minimum of time, you could equate a savings of almost $100 a month, if not more. That little stash at the end of the year could add at least an additional $1200 in your savings account. Or better yet, on the principal of your student loans or credit card debit.

I know, because I use coupons and I’ve saved that much.

Coupons aren’t embarrassing. There is no shame in being frugal and mindful of spending. If your friends, family, or person next to you on line gives you the side-eye or any flack, then tell them your goals for achieving financial freedom. Then laugh all the way to the bank.

Everyone wants to retire, right? Why not start even earlier, by recognizing ways to help yourself and your wallet? Couponing is one practice from previous generations that millennials and everyone else should get hip to.

Financial stability and independence can be a download or clipping away.

Check back for more tips on how to coupon, save money, and achieve financial freedom

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