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Rooftop Dining in Westchester; Father, Son Create ‘HyperKid’ Anti-Bullying Book

Outdoor Dining Westchester

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Here’s what’s happening Today in the 914, according to Westchester Woman:

1.) It’s summer and if you’re like us, you intend to enjoy every minute of the beautiful warm weather by being outside as much as possible. Outdoor dining combines two of our favorite pastimes: eating and being outside.

Luckily in Westchester, we have options with spectacular views. Here’s Westchester Magazines picks for rooftop dining in Westchester:


2.) How cool is this? A father and son duo have crafted an anti-bullying book with one of the coolest superheroes we’ve seen in a long time. The adventures of HyperKid tell the tale of a hyperactive 9-year-old who is tired of being different.?He uses his newly acquired super powers to defend his classmates for a bully, and later finds out that the bully is actually a friend who he has a lot in common with.

Read more in the Daily Voice:



3.)?Today’s headlines:


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