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Just Be Yourself – Advice From a Westchester Woman [VIDEO]


(This was originally posted on April 18, 2016)

Want to be successful, happy, and awesome at life? Heres some advice from a Westchester Woman:

Sometimes the only person standing in your way is yourself. And sometimes that’s because you aren’t being yourself.

Confused? Ok, we’ll just let the expert explain it to you.

We were lucky enough to get to meet Faith Saunders, the author of Break Free: 52 Tips to Escape From Your Self Imposed Prison, while at the What Makes You Feel Beautiful Women’s History Month celebration at The LOFT: LGBT Community Center in White Plains.

She told us the best advice that she has ever received. Here’s what Faith, a New Jersey woman, said:


See, even Drake knows…

Credit: KICKASSGIFS via Giphy


No one can be you, but you! Here are a succession of awesome gifs that agree:










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