How to Tell If a Tree on Your Property Needs to Be Removed


The trees on our property have immense value. Cutting one down may be the last thing we want to do, but failing to pull the trigger on tree removal can be both costly and dangerous. Dead or dying trees are at risk of falling on powerlines, property, or, even worse, people. So, you’ll want to be able to recognize when it’s time to give your Flathead Valley tree removal professionals a call.

How to Tell If a Tree Needs to Be Removed

Dead Branches On One Side of the Tree

Dead branches on just one side of a tree are a tell-tale sign that your tree might be dying. This could be evidence of damage to the roots or trunk of the tree or a condition known as “girdling root,” where the root wraps itself around the trunk below the soil line cutting off the flow of water and nutrients to the branches.

Fungus Growth at the Base of the Tree

Mushrooms growing out of the base of your tree could be an indication of trunk rot, which is caused by fungal growth. In addition to noticeable rotted away tree bark and wood, trunk rot can begin to appear as yellow or wilted leaves or trees that have slowed in their growth. 

The Tree is Hollow

If one-third or more of your tree’s trunk is hollow or rotten, it’s likely time for it to be removed. Excessive rot makes your tree structurally unsound and vulnerable to falling during a storm.

If your tree shows any of these signs, it’s time to call the tree removal experts at L&M Tree Service in Kalispell, MT. Owner Frank Long has provided professional tree service in Flathead Valley for more than 25 years. L&M Tree Service is happy to assist you with hazard assessments, tree removal, trimming, pruning, and emergency tree care. Visit their website or call (406) 261-7240 for a free estimate and consultation.