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6 Tips For Women and Mothers For a Successful and Happy Career

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Want to be?successful,?happy and awesome at life? Heres some advice from a Westchester Woman:

According to Westchester Woman Carol Evans, CEO of Carol Evans Enterprises and the Founder/President Emeritus of Working Mother Media, there are six pillars for a happy and successful career for women and working mothers.

Here’s the advice she gave at her?lecture titled “Women at Work:?How Are U.S. Women Doing?and Whats Next for?Gender Equality?, ” which she gave at the North Castle Library last week and was part of Lohuds Influencer Speaker Series:


1.) Be intentional about your career – While men grow up assuming they’ll have careers, women are deciding every day.?Recognize you can have the career you always dreamed of and commit to it

2.) Create flexibility in your career– If working 9 to 5 p.m. doesn’t work for you and your family, make your work schedule work for you on a flexible daily, weekly or annual schedule.

3.) Have a co-parenting and co-care of your home policy with your partner – You and your partner should have equal household and parenting responsibilities, even if that means letting your partner do things their way instead of yours.

4.) Get rid of guilt – Stop feeling guilty for being a working mother, you are not being judged. You can work and still properly raise your children. Substitute guilt for joy and play.

5.) Be selfish – Make sure you take the time to take care of yourself and look after your own needs.

6.) Ask for help – It doesn’t mean you aren’t capable, and you’re not being burden. People find joy in helping others. Allow others to feel?that joy and lend a helping hand.


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