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❤️  Get to Know Us! ❤️

Welcome to Westchester Woman ❤️ We’re an online magazine that aims to inform, entertain and empower women in Westchester, NY. (Men and the non-binary are, of course, welcome too!).

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How We Do It:
 ❤️   We report local news and lifestyle content in a fun, modern way so you can stay engaged with what’s happening in Westchester
❤️  We aim to create an inclusive community by celebrating women, the LGBTQ community, women of color and everything else that is awesome about Westchester
❤️  We feature profiles on successful women in business, art, science, education, charity, sports and other areas; as well as other local people doing cool things that benefit Westchester (We hope this will inspire readers to realize that they too can achieve great things here in Westchester!)
❤️  We cover local events; places to shop, eat and have fun; DIY crafts/how-to projects
❤️  We offer advice/info on life, health, finance, fashion, sex, relationships and beauty
We want to inspire Westchester to dream big, have fun and take advantage of all the county has to offer.
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❤️ Westchester Woman

 ❤️  Westchester Woman in the Media ❤️

It’s a blend of serious and funny, for a mixed audience who have diverse interests ranging from DIY craft ideas to love and sex. She’s just what we all needed. – Emma Westchester

theSkimm for Women of Westchester

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❤️  Our CEO/Editor-in-Chief ❤️

Dina Sciortino

Dina Grace Zoe Sciortino is the blogstress behind Westchester Woman. She grew up in Westchester, NY; is a digital media specialist, freelance journalist/social media editor; feminist/humanist; and macaroni and cheese enthusiast.
Dina Grace Zoe has been published in xoJane, Huffington Post and All That’s Fab. She was lucky enough to have been the editor for’s White Plains and Rivertowns local news websites; a Daily Voice news reporter for southern Westchester; and a staff reporter for The Rivertowns Enterprise in Dobbs Ferry.
She loves The White Stripes, was almost on CNN once and lives with her dog Ruby and cat Princess Khaleesi Glitterpuss.
For more information on Dina Grace Zoe Sciortino connect with her at: